Metal Fabrication, Welding, Powder Coating and Assembly

117 Nixon St. S.E.
Cascade, Iowa 52033-0757
Phone 563-852-7397 Fax 563-852-7539

American Iowa Manufacturing has been designing and manufacturing high quality products for the golf and turf maintenance industry since 1989. A.I.M. is proud to be a full line manufacturer capable of handling all of your needs from metal fabrication and welding to powder coating, assembly and packaging.

In early fall of 2001, American Iowa Manufacturing opened a new 74,200 square foot facility which includes 4200 square foot of office and engineering space. This factory houses our new semi-automated powder coat paint system, which has one of the largest part windows in the state. American Iowa Manufacturing currently has over 25 full time employees plus a management team dedicated to provide you with the highest quality product possible at a competitive price.

Please take a moment to look over our capabilities sheet and see if American Iowa Manufacturing can be any assistance in your outsourcing needs.

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