Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Massage... only for the Wealthy? only as a Luxury?
These are the misconceptions that keep people from experiencing something so very vital to the health and wellness of the human body and mind. Stress, weather mental and or physical is the number one cause of all pain and disease. With massage the nervous system is calmed, muscles are exercised without exhausting the muscle, and blood and lymph are moved and flushed out making way for fresh blood, lymph and nutrients to move in, overall boosting the immune system. Massage has been used for thousands of years for its medical benefits. It is a natural remedy instilled in our DNA and most do not realize this. For instance, if someone hits you in the arm, or you bump your shin on the coffee table, what is the first thing you do? You rub it. You put pressure on it. This is massage. So contrary to popular belief massage is for everybody, everyday, under the pressure of our everyday stressors.

Saturday, February 6, 2010


Shiny hair is something we all want, isn't it? You can have a great cut, color, curl, ctyle,(oops just trying to keep up with the "c" thing I had going). Anyway, but if your hair is drab and lusterless, well you know, you got nothing.Now, how can we get this thing called shine? What does shiny hair mean?It means your hair is healthy, yes? Maybe or maybe not.There are many ways to get shiny hair and there are many products on the market that promote the fact that they can accomplish just that.By covering it up, most products on the average supermarket, drug store & even some salon shelves, carry products with waxes of various kinds to cover damaged hair so as to create the elusion of shine.
That is one of the ways to make shine happen, but what you are really doing is covering the problem. Coating the hair shaft with waxes & other products will take a strong stripping type of shampoo just to remove it.Remove it? You may be asking, "If it is making my hair shiny & healthy looking, why in the world would I want to remove it at any time?" Well, what will happen after awhile, is your hair will become very drab, heavy, lifeless and won't do anything but lay there.You can find out if you have waxes on your hair by having your hair professional do a simple test by taking their shears and running the blade up the shaft. If you have wax on your hair shaft, wax will have accumulated on the blade of their shears. If this has happened and the wax is there, stop it right here and now! Have your hair professional remove the wax with a clarifying shampoo. OK? Done! Now let's not go there again.Use products on your hair that build the hair from the inside out.Vitamins & a healthy diet is important for feeding the hair root. Brushing the scalp will get that blood flowing and feeding all the factors that produce hair before we ever see it... under the skin.Then product... of course by now you know I recommend Joico & Aquage Products, because they don't build up on the hair, they are water soluble and those are the key words, water soluble. It should wash off your hair with ease, not be stripped off with harse cleansers.You want tocleanse & protect the hair from all the many things we do to it, as well as the environment we put it in.Perms, Colors, Bleaches, Straighteners, Blow Driers, Hot Styling Irons, Sun, Wind and the list goes on and on. Like we spoke of in our last blog, stay on a regular schedule with getting those ends trimmed, keeping the split ends under control.Use a good conditioning treatment on a weekly bases and a great shampoo & rinse on your regular shampooing days.Doing all of this will make SHINE happen!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Give me a head with hair... Long Beautiful Hair

Growing your hair to a long beautiful length and still keeping the integrity can be a problem. There are two C's involved in the process: Cutting and Conditioning.Most people think if they are going to grow out their hair they shouldn't get it shaped in anyway, until it gets to the length they wanted to achieve.You can do that, but the results would be disastrous.Imagine if you will, a long piece of dried straw and that would be your total accomplishment.For the reward of beautiful long hair, you must have your hair trimmed and I do mean trimmed on a regular bases, usually every six to eight weeks.No length should be removed only trimming off the split ends, which will be minimal should you be on this regular schedule.Brush your scalp and hair on a daily bases. By doing this you are stimulating the scalp and bringing the oils onto the hair shaft. This will cause the blood to nourish your scalp and stimulate hair growth.Wash your hair with products that will nourish and condition your hair and scalp. We suggest Joico or Aquage Products.Some product appear to have vitamins and other good ingredients in them only to have waxes and such included.The waxes in those products, however, will prohibit the vitamins and other good ingredients from penetrating and giving any benefits, by sealing the hair folicals.If for whatever reason you have to go eight weeks before you get a haircut instead of the preferredsix weeks, then use Split End Mender from Joico to keep those ends looking better until they can be trimmed.Split ends left untrimmed and uncared for will begin to split up the hair shaft, leaving that straw look and your hair will seem to take forever to grow out, becauseit is indeed breaking off.When you finally do go in to have your hair trimmed, they will have to take off a lot of length just to have it look healthy again.Do it right the first time! Enjoy the fruit of your labor.

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Life Is Too Short

Clients, especially the ones of you with long hair, you may always be asking for something new and different but never wanting to commit to anything other than same old, same old. The one exception with some of you is bangs. As the holidays approach, you may be willing to give that a shot. Keira Knightley updated her swept bangs recently with a bolder fringe statement that recaptures her youth and brings out her eyes. Bangs grow out, so there’s not much risk. Versatility is another advantage of this cut. You can curl or wave it the way Keira wears her hair or you can blow it out straight. Solid bangs also give you lots of options with color for those who throw caution to the wind and agree to let their stylist foil the fringe.
How daring would that be? "
Copied from Modern Salon

Life is Short – It is Hair – It Grows Out - Have Fun With It

Time is passing so fast, we have to plan for the future and learn from the past, but we must enjoy our NOW! Our PRESENT moment. I read a story from a book called “Ragamuffin Gospel”, great book, by the way. The story goes something like this…
There was a monk being chased by a tiger. The monk ran to the edge of a cliff, looked back, and saw the tiger about to jump on him. The monk saw a rope hanging over the edge of the cliff. He grabbed it and began to sliding down the side of the cliff. Whew! Narrow escape. The monk then looked down and saw a quarry of jagged rocks five hundred feet below. He looked up and saw the tiger at the top of the cliff. Just then, two mice began to nibble at the rope. What to do? The monk saw a strawberry within arm’s reach, growing out of the face of the cliff. He picked it, ate it, and said, “Yum! That’s the best strawberry I’ve ever tasted in my entire life” If he had been preoccupied with the rock below (the future) or the tiger above (the past), he would have missed the strawberry God was giving him in the present moment.”

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Wow! Summer is already gone.It’s always a bit sad when the daze begin to cool and the leaves start falling from the trees.

But enough of the buzz-kill.We at the Wave are in a continuous summer mode!
We think, breathe and eat the summer atmosphere.We see each season through summer eyes!

Let’s begin to enjoy the beauty of the fall season through our beachy glasses.

Marie and Michael have created a great Seaweed Facial and Massage Package for only $60.00.It is so great for our clients to be able to bring the glow back to their skin that the “fun in the sun” has taken out this summer.With great products, a great price and the touch of our fantastic professionals, we CAN get the circulation back to our skin with techniques that no massage equipment can match.
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