CompleteRoofSystems with RockCitySolutions

Rock City Roofing Storm Damage Inspection

Storm Damage Inspection

If you have a roof leak or shingles missing, call us immediately for a FREE inspection.

Rock City Roofing New Roof Replacement

Roof Replacement

All new roofs are Complete Roof Systems and most are installed in a single day. Every roof is installed with top of the line roofing materials and include our Advanced Weather Protection System.

Rock City Roofing Enhanced Warranty

Enhanced Warranty

All new roof systems are installed with the necessary components to be eligible for incredible enhanced manufacturer warranties giving you the highest value possible for your new investment.

Rock City Roofing Insurance Claims Help

Insurance Claim Assistance

We are experienced, certified roofing contractors that work with all Insurance and we are trained to identify storm related damages that would warrant a full roof replacement.

Rock City Roofing Roof Repair

Roof Repair

We will inspect for leaks and identify the root of the problem and give free estimates for the recommended repairs.

Rock City Roofing Free Estimate Quote Inspection

Get a FREE Quote

Hassle free, no obligation estimates for roof repairs and roof replacements.



Rock City Roofing Donate
Rock City Roofing Lifetime Warranty

-Our Pledge-
Enhanced Lifetime Warranty

We merge 2 of the best manufacturer warranties available by overlapping a Limited LIFETIME Shingle Warranty with a 20 YEAR, Non-Prorated, Extended Sure Start Warranty.

Most roofing contractors that have the ability to offer an enhanced or extended manufacturer warranty will sell these warranties to the homeowner in order to increase profit. Here at Rock City Roofing, we pledge to donate a portion of the job proceeds (once paid in full) directly to the shingle manufacturer in order to register the new roof system with an enhanced warranty whenever applicable.

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Rock City Roofing Quality Roofing Materials


All new roof systems are installed with the industries highest grade of materials. No flipping shingles up-side down or cutting 20yr shingles to make hip and ridge shingles for a 30yr roof. All necessary components are replaced on every roof. Each roof gets a complete overhaul to ensure the highest quality, weather tight roof for years to come.

Every roof is installed with high quality waterproof & water-resistant underlayments, new ventilation,starter shingles (yielding the highest wind warranty available), and all roof penetrations are painted to match.

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