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Farewell to Summer and Autumn Decor on the cheap

Happy Autumn Everyone!  The equinox occurred officially last night at 8:29pm and I'm just so excited about it!  I love summer and we really did have a great summer this year

Between swim lessons, library visits and summer homeschool we squeezed in lots of walks, hikes and even some camping...

...There were lazy summer mornings...

..."Fieldtrips" to aquariums, nature preserves, and other fun locations...

...Josh and I were even able to sneak away for a romantic day at the lake!

So much good stuff.  But that being said, Autumn is far and away my favorite season!  I love the
cooler weather, the crisp air, the apple harvest and the reappearance of soups and stews.  I love my boots, sweaters, jeans and scarves.  I love the crunch of the leaves underfoot and those last ditch bonfires.  Every year I look forward to the leaf-peeping drives my sweet husband surprises me with, hayrides and cuddling under blankets... Fall is for lovers :)

I wanted to decorate my house for the seas…

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