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Quick Opinion: Truck Guns Are Dumb

Disclaimer: This is not the official stance of The Kommando Blog. It is an opinion that represents the author alone. I believe truck guns are more of a liability than an asset. My opinion...


The Budget Lite Rifle

A while ago, I got to thinking about building a lightweight AR-15 on a budget… Mainly because I had gotten a great deal on a virgin magnesium alloy lower and was bored. Thus, $25...

newhall shooting 0

Newhall Shooting: 50 Years Later

There’s a constant, ever evolving world of tactics and technology, especially for those of us in the line of duty. With the 50th anniversary of the infamous Newhall Incident upon us, I wanted to...

SBAM at Shooting Range 0

SBAM Shooting – Italy’s GunTubers

What exactly is SBAM? It means ”Savona Brescia And Modena” as those cites are where everything began. What does SBAM do? SBAM is a project we started back in 2016, at the beginning was...

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The Shelter-In Gothic

It is the first Saturday of quarantine. You can finally clean up your dwelling. That night, you reward yourself with a beer and relax in the peace and clean. Sunday morning, everything is dirty...

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Hygiene 101

Proper hygiene is a concept that nearly any human being already is aware of, or can be made aware of the benefits. Yet in spite of this, proper information on field hygiene and male...