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Eberbach Corporation is an Engineering and Manufacturing company located in Belleville Michigan. Eberbach Corporation provides Mixing, Shaking, Blending and Particle Reduction solutions for sample and material preparation for the lab through to production. Eberbach products are used in a broad range of research and commercial applications, spanning biochemical, petrochemical, environmental, food, beverage and pharmaceuticals.Eberbach is well known for having robust products, strong customer service and flexibility to deliver customer specific solutions. See our story

See Eberbach’s new cGMP suitable Mixers and Shakers

Automated systems, customer distributed control system integration, high temp, refrigerated and hazardous location systems. Learn More.

Check out Eberbach's new Cannabis Site!

Eberbach now manufactures equipment designed for Cannabis processing. Visit our new Cannabis site here: Eberbach Cannabis Site.

Scaled-Up Lab Blending Applications

See Eberbach’s new Class 1 Div 1 Explosion Proof Batch Blender, excellent for high shear blending applications. Food and Beverage models available. Learn More.

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