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Get Beads For Your Humidor, And Finger Bags For Cigar Storage

HCM Cigar Beads last for a lifetime with proper care, and nothing in competition comes close to that kind of durability. HCM (Humidity Controlling Molecular) beads are made from a variety of compositions, and they work very differently from other beads. We know this for a fact, because we have been in this industry for more than 10 years now.

HCM Bead Bags
HCM Bead Canisters

HCM Cigar Beads For Your Humidor

HCM Beads are the only humidification devices available for your humidors that you will never have to replace. HCM Beads are preset to 65% RH (you can increase or decrease this accordingly), and they will keep your humidors going strong for as long as you own them.

HCM beads are made of a completely different composition and work completely differently than anything else out there. HCM Beads react and recover over 800% faster and hold over 500% more water per volume.

Our HCM Bead Bags are made from a soft fabric that will not be harmed nor cause harm to your cigars when placed together. If you plan to place your HCM Beads among boxes, then we recommend our HCM Bead Canisters. HCM Bead Canisters are packaged in hard plastic tubes, which allows them to be placed with boxes and not suffer any damage.

Both HCM Bead Bags and HCM Bead Canisters last a lifetime with proper care, and nothing else even comes close to that.

The only real similarity they have with other bead products is that they are both called beads and used for the same purpose!

Why use HCM Beads?

Unlike silica-based products, HCM beads do not deteriorate with use. If the RH of the beads is not right for you, you can simply increase or decrease the RH to your preferred level.

Note the spongy?surface that makes the HCM bead so superb at collecting moisture!

The beads themselves do not absorb anything but moisture and ammonia, so they never become contaminated by free hydrocarbons or other matter the way silica-based products do. Therefore, the silica-based products turn yellow over time.

3 Finger Bag w/Cigars (Example)

Check out our Finger (Compartment Bags)

Our finger bags are designed to protect your cigars either in storage or transit. We have 1, 3 and 5 finger bags available. Our bags are designed to be durable to better protect your cigars -- they are manufactured from?3 mil?polyethylene. The zipper is also designed for extra durability.