Welcome to Total Quality Service (TQS) Express Limited


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Welcome to TQS Express Limited, an integrated courier delivery company headquarted in Nigeria, providing the following services across West Africa:


  • American Merchandise Forwarding

  • Express Courier Delivery Services

  • Bulk Mail, Magazine, and Merchandise Distribution

  • Air or Sea Cargo pick up, Customs Clearance, and Delivery Services

As an expert logsitcs company with an excellent track recrod, our Mission at TQS Express is to delivery quality, satisfaction, and build trust in the performance of duty to our customers.  We are small enough to listen to our customers delivery needs and large enough to deliver on our promises.  We provide prompt pickup and safe delivery of your shipments across West Africa.  We have expert staff, the logistics infrastructure to get the job sucessfull done the 1st time, and everytime you choose TQS.  With TQS Express, the World is delvered to your Door Step.

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