Electric Service — Spiral Bulb in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Energy-Saving Program
Saving you energy and money is a specialty of the technicians at Langer Electric Service Co.
Electric Service — Damaged Socket in Fort Lauderdale, FL
24-Hour Emergency Services
Langer Electric Service Co. is here for you when you need us in a pinch – day or night. 
Electric Service— Technician fixingwires in Fort Lauderdale, FL
Why Hire Us?
At Langer Electric Service Co., we’ll give you thepersonal attention you deserve!

Certified Electrical Contractor in Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Langer Electric Service Co. is a family-owned and -operated company that has been in continuous operation in South Florida since 1939. We are one of the largest service contractors in the Tri-county area. In addition, our construction division has participated in some of the area's most recognized commercial projects, including high-rises, hotels, restaurants and shopping malls. With over 40 trucks in our service fleet wired directly to our dispatchers, we are ready and able to meet our customers' service needs from Key Largo to Orlando.
For homes and businesses, Langer Electric Service Co. provides a full range of electrical repairs, remodeling and new construction. Our scope of installation, maintenance and construction services covers 24-hour emergency service, power- and energy-management systems, infrared thermography, voice/data/video, fire alarms, points of sale, signaling, telemetry circuits, low-voltage technology, power distribution, and analog and digital wiring. Langer Electric Service Co. also provides lighting services for parking lots and signs.

Completed projects and service accounts include educational institutions, hospitals, aviation facilities, restaurants, office buildings, warehouses, residential high-rises, banks, theaters, hotels, generator plants and pump stations.

Langer Electric Service Co.'s excellent safety record is the direct result of continuous attention to safety matters. Our managers conduct monthly meetings with field staff, and all work conforms to applicable industry standards as dictated by the National Electrical Code and the Florida Building Code.

We believe that the customer is the most important part of our business, so we give our clients the excellence in service they demand with the personal attention they deserve, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As our motto says, "NO CALL IS TOO SMALL," and your satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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Great service.Don't hesitate ...

Todd M. On 04.25.2011
Great service. Dont hesitate to call Langer for anything you need regarding your electrical problems. Top notch company.

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