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Oldest North American Company dedicated to Asian Fit

Started in 2009, TC CHARTON is the first independent eyewear company to focus exclusively on Asian Fit glasses. Learn more

Largest Selection of Frames

We proudly offer the largest selection of Asian Fit frames and sunglasses with over 500 unique styles and colors since we started. Browse our collection

More Retail Stores

With close to 300 stores carrying our frames, we are the most widely available brand of Asian Fit glasses in United States. Find a store near you

Most Endorsed Asian Fit Company

More Asian celebrities and doctors wear our frames than any other brand of Asian Fit glasses. Read our Testimonials

Virtual Fitting

TC CHARTON is the only company to offer complementary fitting before you buy one of our frames. Our designer recommends the best frames for you based on pictures and styles preference. Try Virtual Fitting

I love my TC CHARTON glasses!Eye and sunglass shopping has always been quite a frustrating ordeal for me.Like so many Asians, eyewear almost always sits on my cheeks creating inevitable indentations in my face. TC CHARTON is the only line in which all the glasses fit me perfectly.I always said that there needs to be an eyewear line specifically for the Asian market.I'm thrilled that there is one now.
Lisa Ling ImageLisa Ling, Journalist, Los Angeles, CA

Why Asian Fit Eyewear?

Most of the eyewear products available are tailored for Caucasian features. As Asianfacial characteristics are different than those of Caucasians, it’s no wonder Asianshave scarce choices of eyewear products that fit them properly.



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17817 Davenport Rd
Suite 225
Dallas, TX 75252
Toll Free: 1-855-707-0220
Phone: 1-972-733-0108
FAX: 1-972-733-0103
E-mail: Info@TC-CHARTON.com

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