Gadgets That Make Parenting Life A Little Easier
Being a parent is hard. From everything I can tell, children are kind of gross. They are a blessing, they make you laugh and they are incredibly adorable, but they are gross. If you are looking for some things that might help you with this parenting thing, and making your kids a little less gross, h…
Vote for January's Hometown Hero
After reading over many submissions, 95.7 KEZJ has three nominations for you, our listeners, to vote for. Here's some information on our finalists for January 2020's The Duran Group Powered By Epic Realty's Hometown Hero.
New Study Suggests That Some of us May Be Cat Whisperers
Do you think that you are a cat whisperer? I'll admit that I've always had a fondness for cats and always connected with them and then I got my little kitty Boo 17 years ago and I always felt that I knew what he was thinking for the most part and always had an idea of what he wanted from m…

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