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Corrupt Money

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Corrupt Money

Catwalk SuperModel

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Catwalk Supermodel

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Timeless Chamber

People Traders

People Traders
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People Traders

Gemma's Articles


Hi! my name's Gemma and you've arrived at my article site... Please don't leave just yet I've got loads of really really interesting articles on all sorts of subjects, I myself love to read about and with over 2500 articles, you're bound to find ones you love....

Coffee ... We all love coffee but do we know anything about it? Well I've got the low-down for all you coffee lovers out there! With over a hundred articles your can be sure to be something you will find of interest

Beauty ... Really really close to my heart this. What can I say apart from dive in and read the secrets of looking your best. But the important bit is I've collected over two hundred articles about this subject so what are you waiting for girls get in there!

Exercise .. Yeh okay we all do it, but do we do it right? I like to keep fit, well really I like to keep my figure but aren't they the same? Well girls yet again I've done the collection bit and this time I've got another two hundred articles. This is getting better don't you think?

Weight Loss ... Christmas is the worse for me, then getting back in trim for the jolly's. Lots of real articles here to start loosing those little bumps we don't like, but seem to get bigger when you're not looking. Yet again I've collected over four hundred articles on this for you!

Attraction ... What can I say? Yeah well how do we get our man, our soul partner? Make your dreams come true. My articles give you the lowdown so you like me - I hope - we have the info to get out there. To help us do just that I've collected over a two hundred articles on this subject so enjoy.

Relationships... Okay now we've got our man let's try and keep him shall we? Mind you lot's of things come up in a relationship so its quite useful to have my articles on hand as your fall back with a sticky situation. So with two hundred plus articles there's bound to be one that fits the bill!

Pets... I love my cat. she's siamese and loves to cuddle. So I had to find lots of articles on pets didn't I? My articles cover every pet you can think of having, besides lots of info on looking after them. Would you believe over a four hundred articles here?

Recipes... I know it had to be here though. So if you're on a diet, looking for something special for that all important dinner party you'll find something here. with well over three hundred recipes this is the place to be.


Article Features
All my article pages have the latest news and gossip about the subject pulled diretly from news happening now!
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