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The Unstructured Data Platform
Giving Clarity & Insights
for YourMulti-Cloud
Providing a Clear View of your Multi-Cloud Strategy & Use
Enabling valuable answers to questions about your unstructured data. The OmniIndex© can provide insights to:
    Threat Detection
    capacity Planning
    Insights & Alerts
    Multi-Cloud Usage (Cost Analysis)
Superior & Faster Searching for Your Users
Automatically Search on Unstructured data, in a way that up until now has been the sole domain of a 'Power User'. Search From Where You Work..Within the productivity tools that you choose. Not a seperate application!
    Names with Content
    Titles with Content
    Simillar Content
    Full Phrases
    Mathmatical & Scientific
    Directly Built into Google G-Suite.
      & Slides
    Web Browsers
      Google Chrome
      Microsoft Edge
    MS Office Desktop
      MS Outlook
Not just the standard KeyWord you get elsewhere! No more leaving your working environment to open up another tool!
From your Unstructured Datas' Data

OmniIndex© Multi-Cloud Unstructured Data Platform Is Here to Help

Enabling valuable answers and getting information about & from your Unstructured Data. No matter where it's stored, is vital to Data Compliance Regulations. Not being compliant with local & international regulations is risky and very costly.
    Find out when & what has been deleted and by whom.
    Enable right to be forgotten
      without losing the valuable insights that the data can give you.
    Store all of meta data securely
      Best Practice CBC AES 256 Encryption
    Real-Time alerts on sensitive data. Including;
    • Access
    • Modification
    • Deletion

The OmniIndex© Multi-Cloud Unstructured Data Platform, helps you minimize that risk.

  • Easy Setup & Use
  • Automatically Classifies and Indexes all your content. No matter where it is stored
  • Cloud Native
  • Designed for the Enterprise
  • Scaleable
From Our Innovations to Yours
Setup in early 2000 as a Web and Cloud development studio. The parent company of SearchYourCloud & OmniIndex,has worked with a number of governments around the world as well as with large and small enterprises, empowering them to do more with their unstructured data, on projects that vary in scale and complexity. including:All of these projects have one thing in common - Access to, and information about Unstructured Data.Today we are bringing you this expertise and knowledge, giving you control of your Multi-Cloud Unstructured Content strategy & enabling innovations from that Data. With patents for;
  • Cloud based ticketing and seating plans for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra
  • On-line Voting for the UK Government Elections
  • ARIBA platform enhancements for HSBC and Nomura Banks
  • Content Management Solutions for NATO
  • On-Line Banking Platforms for Abbey National (Santander) & The Co-op banks
  • Training Solutions for IBM, Accenture, Anite & Others
  • Unstructured Data Privacy Applications; For Multiple Users
  1. Enhanced Searching
  2. Data De-Duplication
  3. Content Digital Rights
  4. Secure Indexing
  5. Parellel Processing Indexing
  6. Secure Database Searching
  7. IoT Digital Rights
  8. & Many more waiting for grant, including Natural Language Data Access
The Unstructured Data Platform

Los Gatos California

15166 Los Gatos Blvd,

Los Gatos, CA 95032

Tel:(650) 542-9016


London UK

16 Park View

Winchmore Hill, N21 1QX.

Tel:(0208) 882-9332


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