Cotton Facts

A bale of cotton weighs about
500 pounds
The U.S. cotton industry generates about
200,000 Jobs
The amount of cotton used to print $1 bills per year is typically
4,356,000 lbs.

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Jordan Lea

jordan lea

Based in Greenville, S.C., Lea is employed by DECA Global LLC as a senior trader managing the cotton division. He previously owned and operated Eastern Trading Company, a cotton merchandising firm. Lea has a long history of industry service. A member of the National Cotton Council's 1999 Cotton Leadership class, he served as a NCC director for several years before recently being elected as a NCC vice president for 2020. He has served on and currently serves on multiple NCC committees. Previously, he served as president of the NCC's export promotion's arm, Cotton Council International, as president for two terms of the American Cotton Shipper’s Association, and as chairman of the International Cotton Association in Liverpool, England. Lea is a graduate of North Carolina State University and the Memphis Cotton Exchange Cotton School.


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