How It Works
A custom fundraising contest site is created just for your organization. Participants submit an entry to your site and campaign for votes. Their friends receive an invite via social media to donate $1 per vote on their entry. It's a fun and easy way for donors to give.

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Grow Your Audience
...and your annual fundraising total! Raise funds in a unique and competitive way, all while increasing your organization's outreach. Because GoGo Photo Contest is social by nature, many of your participants will be new donors to your organization.

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Our Friends!
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Organizations have raised $14,186,543 with GoGo Photo Contest
Since October 1st, 2013
Animal Shelters and Humane Societies
GoGo Photo Contest was created with you in mind! We understand the unique challenges animal shelters and humane groups face when fundraising. Our co-founders have been involved in animal welfare fundraising since 2005 and our developer currently sits on the board of a local humane society.

Let GoGo Photo Contest do the fundraising work for you!

Fundraising Ideas
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