lubrication for

Automotive Industry
Aluminium / Steel Industry
Defence Industry
Food Industry
Mining Industry
Oil and Gas Industry
Pharmaceutical Industry
Power and Distribution
Rubber / Plastics Moudling
Paper / Textile Industry


aluminium smelting
feeder pneumatic seals
assembly of plastics 
metals & elastomers
automotive OEM and aftermarket
beverage manufacture
cable pulling (thru hills)
car / vechile detailing
casters and glides
component assembly
copper and brass surface
oxidation resistant compound
copper grease
corrosion protection
cranes - telescopic slides
SuperSlide? extreme service dangerous environments
FireSafe? and Oxygen contact Damping fluids
defence - over 100 of DEF206E materials
die casting release
metals, rubbers, plastics
di-electric insulation resin
water repellent varnish
disc brake caliper guide pin grease
dissimilar materials
interfacial assembly and lubrication
electrical conducting and insulating compounds
electrical flashover prevention coatings
extreme temperatures lubrication high and low
FireSafe? fire resistant greases
food and pharmaceutical grade antifoams and release agents
food and pharmecutical
BP, EP and USP Compliant surface lubes
freeze-proof seals lubricants
fuel handling greases
gritted and non-gritted and holistic
connector protection compounds
high temperature greases
high torque couplings antiseize
HT insulator flashover prevention
HT power line distribution
ice adhesion prevention
integrated feeders
aluminium pot lines
iron valve grease
light bulb and lamp
socket release lubricant
maine infrastructure
marine couplings
mechanical damping
mechanical medical component lubrication
MediLube? Aerosol and liquid drops
medical oxygen seals compound
Military/Defence over 100 DEF206E materials
mining - underground
FireSafe? lubes
mining and drilling
motor vehicle power brake booster and disc brake lubricant
mould release - oils, emulsions and compounds
oil and gas industry
open gears
o-rings and seals
o-rings and seals
natural and synthetic rubbers
oxygen stable greases
paper making defoamers
pharmaceutical industry
BP, EP, USP Certified lubes, release, defoamers
plastics and rubber
inert stable lubrication
powerline auxiliary insulation
powerline conductor
gritted and ungritted joint sealants
powerline cross arm protective coating
pumps, valves and accessories
release agents for rubber and plastics
rubber grease
rubber preservation oils and greases
SCUBA oxygen compatible seals lubes
silicone greases
multiple functionalities
silicone oils
all viscosities
sliding friction
smelter pot line
pneumatics cell
lifetime lubricant 
smelting - FireSafe?
mechanical lubes
switch yard insulator
flashover prevention
temperature stable
instrument lubrication
textile industry
dyeing anti-foams
underground mining
FireSafe? mechanical lubes
vibration & shock
absorbing fluids
weld spatter adhesion
prevention spray

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