Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Saturday, May 12, 2007

Out to lunch

I'm gonna lay off for awhile.I don't know if I'll be back (right now I'm leaning toward not being back, at least for awhile) but I'll let you all know if I decide to take it up again.I will, of course, be checking in at your blogs from time to time.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Few and far between these days

Judge Donald Lay, former chief justice of the Eighth Circuit, died Sunday.This guy was the genuine article, a relic from the Warren era when liberals weren't afraid to be called such.He spoke to one of my law school classes years ago.He made an impression on me then, and if I find one of his opinions while researching one thing or another, I still stop to peruse it.

And he died young, too.He was only 80.

Sweet childhood memories

Bloggerdad used to own a big gold convertible Cadillac back in the 70s, and we used to listen to a lot of AM radio while riding in it.Eventually he got rid of the Cadillac, but the AM radio stuck around.Bloggerdad would issue contemporaneous commentary on whatever was being said, and I listened carefully.

In fact, I'm pretty sure that the first time I heard the phrase "fucking prick" was during Bloggerdad's remarks while we were listening to this guy.

I'm guessing Bloggerdad would stick by that characterization today.

Monday, April 30, 2007

He would have gotten more for me fifteen years ago

Just so y'all know, Trailhead Kid wants to sell me at the garage sale because I wouldn't let him get Pop Tarts at the grocery store.When Mr. T informed him that 1) human trafficking is illegal and 2) he wants to keep me anyway, Trailhead Kid decided the solution was to approach me in a solemn, measured manner, and, with no fanfare, throw Thomas's yellow squeaky bone at me.

Which basically means the kid won't be seeing daylight again till tomorrow, what with him spending the rest of the afternoon in his room and all.

So how's everyone been?

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Izzy or Izzeny, Part Three

This article says that "[f]riends of Al Gore have secretly started assembling a campaign team in preparation for the former American vice-president to make a fresh bid for the White House."This was apparently not done at Gore's request, but he hasn't asked them to stop either.

This part of the piece perked my little pointy ears right up:

Gore-watchers believe that a new book he is publishing next month on the state of US politics will keep his name in the public eye. Many of his supporters helped to run the unsuccessful presidential campaign of John Kerry in 2004. But since Sen Kerry abandoned his presidential aspirations this year, many of his leading advisers have yet to align themselves with any of the other candidates.

They were expected to join the campaign of Sen Edwards, who was Sen Kerry's running mate last time. The former aide, who has himself signed up with Sen Edwards, said: "The question is: where have all the Kerry people gone? The answer for most of them is nowhere. Now ask yourself why."

That's actually interesting.But check out this quote from James Carville:
James Carville, President Clinton's former strategy chief, suggested last week that Mr Gore, who has piled on the pounds, could shed weight over the summer to make himself more media-friendly for a White House run.

"I wouldn't be surprised if he lost 15lb or so," said Mr Carville. "And I think if people thought he could get us out of the mess we're in with Iraq, they wouldn't care how fat he is."

And remember what Bill Clinton said last week:

"[Y]ou have got the prospect that vice president Gore might run."

Carville's an advisor to Hillary Clinton's campaign. And of course, we know who Bill is.Why are they talking about Gore running?See, I don't believe that the Clinton people do or say bloody anything that isn't somehow intended to advance their ball.(Of course, if you read Carville's quote, there's a compliment embedded in a nice little pillow of nastiness -- you know, the part where he calls Gore fat.)

But the question to ask is, what's their purpose in yammering about a potential Gore run?Bill had to know that even that one throwaway comment would cause a ripple through the political press and blogs.Stealing Gore's thunder in the event he's planning to run?Or is he trying, by fanning the flames of hope, to keep those of us who would vote for Gore in a heartbeat from committing firmly to Obama or Edwards? My thought process is this: that Gore die-hards like me aren't likely to fall in Hillary's camp, and if we keep telling the pollsters that we want Al, that softens the support for Obama and Edwards.The longer she can string that out, the better.Gore is currently running third after Obama.Give that support to O or E, and things start looking worse for HRC.

Is that insane? What do you think is going on?

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Re the pet food recall, ABC is reporting that overseas companies may have intentionally spiked pet food ingredients with melamine, in order to make it appear that the products had a higher protein content.And here's a nice little tidbit for ya:

Federal agencies are trying to determine if it was actually fed to animals and whether it may have reached the human food supply.


I'm upstairs listening to Mr. T try to explain the concept of time to our 4-year old.It's not going swimmingly.

Good luck with that, honey.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Article 17's a deal-breaker, dude

It's quicker to post this than to e-mail it to all the lawyers I know.Um, probably not work safe.Via Kristy.

Sunday, April 15, 2007

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Time to wake up from this Randian nightmare

Go read this over at Sylvia's.

Then go read this article.

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