Nortek Automation supplies standard systems and custom solutions utilizing our core technology of PC based machine & motion control.  Nortek's standard systems include print/apply labeling, packaging, laser marking, memory module and circuit board handling, ink jet marking, and automated test. Nortek has been in business since 1985 serving electronics, circuit board manufacturing, automotive, and lifescience industries.

Products & Systems
       Print & Apply Labeling
       Automated Packaging
       Laser, Inkjet Marking
       Memory Module Manufacturing
       Circuit Board Manufacturing
       Production Test Systems
       CNC, Motion Control
       Automotive Manufacturing

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Nortek Automation's corporate headquarters and manufacturing facility in Huntington Beach, California


Packaging Machines by Nortek Automation, Inc


 NO Heat Sealers, NO RF Welders, NO Ultrasonic Welders, NO Glue Dispensers, NO UV Curing, NO Chemicals.  

Nortek Automation's AutoWrap(TM) clamshell sealing & packaging systems save you time & money. 


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Headquarters: 5904-A #716 Warner Ave, Huntington Beach, CA 92649
Tel: 714-895-8590


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