3:02pm Jun 26, 2020

Guilford College President To Step Down

Guilford College President Jane Fernandes is stepping down from?her post. During her relatively short tenure, her contributions left a lasting impact.

4:47pm Jun 25, 2020
EducationEducationHuman Interest

Kaleideum Reveals New Museum Design For 2023

The new building design for Kaleideum was unveiled today in?Winston-Salem. The interactive museum of?arts and sciences will take up a large and very visible footprint downtown.

WFDD Wants Your Opinion!

The radio and technology landscape continues to change rapidly. We're inviting you to tell us how you use the radio, along with other devices and platforms, to stay connected.

Take The Public Radio Technology Survey

12:00pm Jun 25, 2020
Health & SafetyHealth & Safety

?ltimas Novedades: Coronavirus En Carolina Del Norte

WFDD actualizará esta página con las últimas novedades acerca del Coronavirus en Carolina del Norte. Podrás encontrar noticias más antiguas al final de la página.

11:13am Jun 25, 2020

Three Wilmington Police Officers Fired Over Racist Rants

Three members of a North Carolina police department have been fired after a department audit of a video recording captured one of the officers saying a civil war was necessary to wipe Black people

7:06am Jun 26, 2020
World NewsWorld News

Parisians To Elect New Mayor Sunday

The election for the high-profile post of mayor of Paris takes place in France this weekend, and for the first time the top three candidates are women.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

Character Reference

Actors Jane Levy and Alex Newell, from NBC's Zoey's Extraordinary Playlist, try to guess well-known characters based on how they're described in books.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

Ophira's Meditations

Ophira takes Jane Levy and Alex Newell on a journey into the world of meditation as she quizzes them about coping mechanisms.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

State Your Message

Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg of Workin' Moms face off in a game where they create words out of postal abbreviations.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

You're A Good Jokerman, Charlie Brown

Catherine Reitman and Philip Sternberg join house musician Jonathan Coulton for a game that tests their knowledge of two famous Minnesotans: Bob Dylan and Charles Schulz.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

Baron Vaughn

Baron Vaughn discusses his new Funny or Die web series Call & Response. Then, Vaughn gets quizzed about Black playwrights and plays a game inspired by his SyFy Wire show The Great Debate.
2:52pm Jun 26, 2020

Black Playwrights

Inspired by his love of theatre and per his request, actor and comedian Baron Vaughn is challenged to a game about Black playwrights.