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FAOSTAT Statistics Database,, “is an on-line and multilingual database currently containing over 3 million time-series records covering international statistics” in the following areas: production, trade, food balance sheets, producer prices, forestry trade flow, land use and irrigation, forest products, fishery products, population, Codex Alimentarius food quality control, fertilizer and pesticides, agricultural machinery, food aid shipments, and exports by destination.

Infonation, offers the ability to view and compare statistical data for the member states of the United Nations. Select up to seven countries for comparison, and then select statistics and other data fields to compare among the identified countries. Included are statistics on geography, economy, population, and social indicators.

International Telecommunication Union,, offers free electronic copies of its reports and free statistics such as telephone lines by country, number of PCs per country, and telecommunications indicators.,, allows you to graphically compare economic and demographic statistics among nations. “NationMaster is a vast compilation of data from such sources as the CIA World Factbook, United Nations, World Health Organization, World Bank, World Resources Institute, UNESCO, UNICEF and OECD. Using the form above, you can generate maps and graphs on all kinds of statistics with ease.”

National Statistics,, contains the latest comprehensive range of official U.K. statistics. The site is organized around 12 separate themes such as commerce, energy and industry; education and training; and social and welfare. Summaries and detailed data releases are published free of charge.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development,, issues demographic and economic reports on an ongoing basis for their 30 OECD member countries, as well as occasional reports for an additional 70 non-member countries. These resources include international trade statistics for the G7 countries, economic projections, and data tables covering areas such as demand and output, wages, supply side data, and interest rates. You can browse the site by topic or country.

Statistical Sites on the World Wide Web,, provides links to government statistical agencies in the United States and in several dozen countries around the world.

United Nations – Economic and Social Development,, publishes a Statistical Yearbook, World Economic Situation and Prospects, and numerous other studies on issues such as population, international trade, human rights, and sustainable development. Some reports are available as downloadable PDF files.

AllBusiness - Secondary vs. Primary Market Research, , explains the difference between secondary and primary research, and links to several short articles that provide an introduction to the basic types of primary research.

Calgary Business Information Centre, identifies the pros and cons of different types of primary market research.

Condensed Guide to Market Research, from Informa Research Services, provides an overview of market research, including data collection techniques, available research methodologies, and when to conduct research. – Market Research, has a collection of articles about market research, including low-budget suggestions for conducting your own market research.

Market Research – Secondary Research, is a searchable database of market research reports covering all industry sectors, both domestic and international. The site offers free searching, abstracts, and tables of contents, but the actual reports are fee-based, often costing thousands of dollars. You can sometimes buy “by the slice” to get specific pieces of a report.

Mindbranch,, is similar to in that it aggregates syndicated and custom industry research from 350 independent research firms through a searchable interface. Searching is free; the actual reports are fee-based. Description and table of contents are available for most reports, and purchased reports are downloadable in PDF format.

Market Research – Primary Research
Focus Groups: A Facilitator’s Guide, from the University of Wisconsin-Madison - setting up and facilitating focus groups. Also, Focus Groups: When and Why to Use, .

Gathering Evidence – A Guide for Using Focus Groups, is a British government site that explains clearly what a focus group is and how to conduct an effective focus group.,, allows you to create professional online surveys, collect responses, and analyze results via the web. A basic subscription is free and includes all of the basic features of SurveyMonkey. Basic subscribers are limited to a total of 10 questions and 100 responses per survey. A professional subscription is $19.95/month (or only $200.00/year), and includes an unlimited number of surveys, and up to 1,000 responses per month. The service is straightforward and easy to use. There are numerous competitors for this service (e.g., Zoomerang, Active Web Survey, StatSurvey), and you can link to their websites through SurveyMonkey’s section on pricing.

UNESCO Internal Oversight Service – Evaluation Manual, offers basic information about how to evaluate a program or services and includes questions to ask at each stage of an evaluation exercise, a guide to the preparation of questionnaires, a guide to the preparation and conduct of group interviews, and a glossary.

Company & Industry Information, “is the most complete and up-to-date listing of Annual Reports online. We are America’s largest annual report service. Our directory is a free Internet service that will enable potential investors to review a company’s annual report in an easy, convenient manner. This free service provides access to annual reports in their actual format.”,, offers recent news from more than 40 local business journals. You can search and view articles by topic, industry, or market location. When researching a particular company, this is a good place to view recent news articles about them.,, has a section of 85 industry reports covering topics from aerospace to apparel. Available for less than $30.00 apiece, each report contains industry descriptions and developments, density maps and breakdowns, listings of major companies, full profiles on 15 major companies, SIC and NAICS product listings, employment level breakdowns, and more.,, offers free brief information about companies, as well as news and industry information. For most companies, you can access a description of the company, sales revenues, and key personnel. To access the in-depth information (financials, executive profiles, competitors) you must purchase a subscription, which ranges in price depending on the type of organization and number of users. – Business Filings Databases,, is a helpful compendium of annotated links by state to corporate and business filings available online. “All 50 states make some level of corporate and business filings available online. In a few instances only limited information (such as name availability) is retrievable. The majority of the states, however, use their Web presence to disseminate a range of public business records -- and most of them offer access at no charge.”,, is an industrial search engine that provides information on more than 650,000 manufacturers, suppliers, and service providers. You can search for product information by category or name; for example, glass bottles or fence posts. You can also search for company information by region or for the entire United States and Canada, and for information by brand name. Other options include millions of CAD drawings, a radius search from a specific location, and company certification information. The website is free.


Creating Digital Platforms
The International Centre for Digital Content at JMU has linked with Channel 4 Television in a deal worth ?300K over three years. Channel 4’s support will strengthen ICDC’s commitment to developing innovative new research programmes across the digital platforms. ICDC is part of the School of Media, Critical and Creative Arts and has received ?1.6m in EU Regional Development Funding. Plans are now underway for an annual high profile event, hosted by the Centre and supported by Channel 4, at which global new developments in the digital arena are explored and debated. The Channel 4 partnership will also open up opportunities for ICDC to tap into the channel’s rich sources of archive material.

Digital Media U
The project will take the concept of the Corporate University and adapt it to produce the first ‘Sectorial University’ for Digital Media. Digital Media-U (DMU) will exist in a virtual form with physical satellite centres across the region. DMU will offer existing and potential employees of Digital Media, access to relevant propriety and bespoke learning modules. These learning modules will cover employee development across a number of disciplines and through a mix of media. Hence, DMU would have different ‘departments’ offering Management Development, ICT Training, Business and Legal Training, etc. These would be delivered either on-line, at a satellite centre, or a hybrid of the two. The DMU will offer the modules as small, stand-alone units, which can be accumulated to produce a recognised accreditation. In addition to the learning modules, DMU will offer a range of support services and resources to the DMU clients such as online resources, careers guidance and virtual common room, syndicate rooms and various collaboration tools. It will also house a Research and Development department which will determine best practice within the industry, showcase case study companies and carry out research into future learning needs. There will also be an ‘Enterprise Gym’ where organisations can develop and hone their material. This will allow companies to trial new and existing products in a secure environment with experienced mentors. Through supported use of these tools, companies will be able to increase their skills in content production, thereby improving the quality and creativity of their product and reducing the production time.

Singapore Media Agency


Arts Sync, Sunshince Coast

MetroArts, Brisbane

iLab, Brisbane

Knitwear Design Incubator
The aim of the Knitwear Design Incubator is to help knitwear SMEs to create new products to win new markets. This will be achievable through innovative design, product development and marketing know-how. It will provide design, manufacturing and marketing support to SMEs and assist in:


Research into creative industries

The Creative Industries: Business & Employment in the Arts study is our new, research-based approach to understanding the scope and importance of the arts to the nation's economy. While most economic impact studies of the arts have focused on the nonprofit sector, Creative Industries is the first national study that encompasses both the nonprofit and for-profit arts industry. For the purposes of this study, the creative industries are composed of arts-centric businesses that range from museums, symphonies, and theaters to film, architecture, and advertising companies.

UK research company:

HK research

UK showcase festival

DCITA: Creative Industries Cluster Study
Stage 1 Report - Producing digital content
Stage 2 - Measuring creative digital content, Government participation, Economic benefits from cultural assets.
Stage 3 - Research and innovation systems, broadband distribution mediums, from cottages to corporations.

CIRAC - Queensland music industries study (3 volume report)
- Brisbane's Creative Industries 2003

Economic Development Sites

Strategic Planning

A strategic planning guide for non-for-profits

Venture Capital Exec Summary and Strategic plan – The Business Planning Expert,, offers more than 60 free sample business plans that you can view online. It also features interactive calculators to determine cash flow, starting costs, conversion rate, and other figures to use in a business plan, and includes feature articles on topics such as starting a business, marketing and advertising, growing a business, and managing your e-business. The company’s Business Plan Pro 2005 business planning software is available for purchase through the website.

Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh – Business Plans and Profile Index,, lists types of small businesses and a corresponding sample business plan, profile or book about each type with sources provided after each entry.

SBA Business Plan Basics,, offers help in writing a business plan, including an outline of what should be included in the plan.

Small Business Development Center – Business Plans,, links to sites with specific business plans and other business planning tools and resources.

Some venture capital resources

Business Angel networks

Capital Raising Pipeline

A summary of business angel groups in the US and how they operate

Get Creative! How to build creative companies

A special report from businessweek online.

Creative Export - UK

UNfortinately the Creativexport was shit down.

However, some good sites re: uk creative export include:

QUT related info

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New reports

Librarian's choice... an excellent source of new reports from around the world that relate to economic, social and cultural development.


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what is this?

In the course of my work, I have found a LOT of handy business resources on the internet.
The resources here relate specifically to:

PS - Although most of these resources are particular to Australia, there are international ones as well.

PPS - I would like to acknowledge and thank the wonderful creators of these websites.

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